Attractions in St. Paul

Como Town Amusement Park
If you have children, you will definitely want to stop by Como Town Amusement Park. This family friendly park is filled with thrill rides, kid rides and water rides. Some of the most popular rides at Como Town Amusement Park are the tilt-a-whirl, teacups, bumper cars, froghopper and carousel. When you get hungry, stop at one of the many restaurants at the park. Whether you are in the mood for a hamburger or chicken strips, you will find it at Como Town Amusement Park. Also, don't forget to get a souvenir at the park's gift shop before you leave.

Fort Snelling State Park
If you love nature and want to get away from the city, visit Fort Snelling State Park. There are so many fun outdoor activities you can do at this park including skiing, hiking and biking. As you travel through the park, you will see many amazing animals like foxes, deer, squirrels and birds. When you are at this park, you can just have fun and forget about all your troubles.

Minnesota Centennial Showboat
If you want to be entertained and learn a little history at the same time, stop by the Minnesota Centennial Showboat where you can see college students put on vaudeville style performances. The performers dress in period costumes and sing songs from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Audience participation is encouraged, so don't be afraid to sing or speak out. Visiting the Minnesota Centennial Showboat is entertaining for both adults and children.

James J. Hill House
James J. Hill House built the Great Northern Railway in the late 1800s. His home was the most expensive home in Minnesota at the time and had 13 bathrooms, 16 chandeliers and 22 fireplaces. His home reflects his power and influence and is now open for tours and events. Taking a tour through the home will take 75 minutes and will allow you to see some unique exhibits that change all the time.

Science Museum of Minnesota
If you are a fan of science, visit the Science Museum of Minnesota, which focuses on anthropology, paleontology and biology. Some of the most popular exhibits at this museum include the Human Body Gallery, Mississippi River Gallery and Collectors' Corner. Whether you go by yourself or with family, you will have an enjoyable experience.